Fancy yourself a photographer? The renowned National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest is back again for 2015, and is showcasing a collection of travel photographs that will inspire you to grab your camera and explore.

The 2015 entries are the best of the best, and take you on a photographic journey of the world – from colorful festivals and deep-sea creatures to mountain peaks and people-filled streets. If you love travel and photography, this collection is a must see! To get you started, Go Crave Rave has selected our top picks – photographs that inspire us to see everything the world has to offer.

Sauna in the Sky

Stefano Zardini// Sauna in the Sky// A sauna at 2,800 meters high in the heart of Dolomites.Monte Lagazuoi, Cortina, eastern Italian Alps.

Oia Sunset

Alajeel// Oia Sunset //The famous Oia’sSunset ,Santorini, Greece


Anuar Patjane// Alice// Surrounded by a swarm of jack fish in CaboPulmo National Park, Mexico. CaboPulmo is the best example of a recovered reef in Mexican seas. A few years ago the fisherman of CaboPulmo fished all the reef to the point that fishing stopped being a way to sustain their households and life in the reef was obliterated. So they decided to totally stop fishing and few years latter the reef recovered to an astonishing level, and it is today the best example of what the Sea of Cortes used to be like.

Zermatt and Matterhorn in the Morning

Andrey Omelyanchuk// Zermatt and Matterhorn in the Morning// This year I spent my winter holidays with my family at Zermatt ski resort. Zermatt is a small picturesque town located at the foot of the Matterhorn. The entire town is a car-free zone. Almost all vehicles in Zermatt are battery driven and completely silent. There are number of places with the amazing view of Zermatt and Matterhorn, but most of these places are rather difficult to access. To reach this stunning view point I had to hike up the ski slope in the dead of the night for 20 minutes.


Oscar Martinez //Fury// Petra Storm battered the atlantic coast all over Europe. Huge waves about 30ft broken at Mouro lighthouse located on the island of Mouro , at the entrance to the Bay of Santander. Its bleak situation caused during stormy days remain completely cut off sharply as the waves hit the small island where the lighthouse sits . The focal Lighthouse Mouro height is 38.7 meters above sea level , with the tower of 18.39 meters in height above the ground.

Larung Gar

Adriaan Devillé// Larung Gar// The monastery of Larung Gar; some say as many as 40000 Buddhist monks and nuns live here to study Tibetan Buddhism.

Life in Cuba

Sabino Parente// Life in Cuba// A snapshot from Cuba, a place living still in the past.

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