This recipe is from the most wonderful, competent, kind Mexican lady there ever was. Gloribel was infamous for her mouthwatering Mexican food, not to mention her fabulous name and she didn’t work from recipes, just from years of experience, throwing in a little bit of this and that as she made it up. So upon our careful examination, this is Gloribel’s Authentic Guacamole.


4 avocados
1 red-onion finely chopped or diced or whatever
½ cup roughly chopped coriander/cilantro
A dash of milk (I know, weird)
1/2 cup tomatoes chopped but removing the soft part/seeds. (Gloribel used green Mexican tomatoes but if they are hard to come by just use red ones.)
2 tablespoons of fresh lime juice
Quite a bit of salt to taste and pepper
Chilli, depending on how spicy you want it, if at all.


Mash it all together and EAT with corn chips or by the spoonful as some have been known to put it on toast and go to heaven. Gloribel always left the seed in the guacamole to stop it from going brown. So we do too.

TIP This recipe is double what an ordinary recipe would be because you only end up making it again.