I know, I know. It’s hot, hot, hot in Sydney and a lot of Australia at the moment and the thought of wool makes you bristle. However, there are also unpredictable changes in the weather thanks to El Nino and there is always travel to be done. When you return from holidays and start planning your next one, you know you are a serial wanderluster or at worst or best, depending on how you view it, a travel addict. With all the travelling that we have done and intend to do, the one thing that never ceases to occur is the chill you feel  as soon as you get to the airport, in the lounge, on the plane and also at night in otherwise hot locations. This is the only Woollen travel wrap you need to bring that will take you stylishly through airports, on and off planes, unexpected changes in weather and popped in your clutch at night (it rolls down to nothing).

Fine Wool Wrap